About Us

Who we are

Ottawa River of Life Christian Church is a Chinese-English Christian Church serving families across the Ottawa region. We welcome you to join our weekly fellowship!

We are a daughter church of River of Life Christian Church at Silicon Valley, established under the leadership of Rev. Kevin Zhang in 2009 to fulfill the vision and mission from God to build a glorious church in the 21st century. This is a continuation of the vision and mission received by Rev. Tong Liu of our mother church and Rev. Zhao at Bread of Life Christian Church in Taiwan.

We believe that a glorious church begins with individuals’ lives, that the development of well-rounded individuals depends on four major levers: Worship & Praise, Renewal by the Holy Spirit, Cell Church, and Glocal Transformation. God will send miraculous changes and blessings to our families, communities and nations through each of us.

"Building a glorious church" is not a slogan in vain; it is the channeling of blessings from God to more individual lives, families, work places, communities, ethnic groups, and, to the whole world. It is our goal to make a positive impact in Ottawa, Canada, and beyond, through our work at OROLCC — and all of these start with you and me!

Our Ministries

Chinese Ministry

Weekly Sunday Service, Prayer Meeting, Cell Group, and more! Serving Ottawa's Mandarin-speaking families and individuals.

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NextGen Ministry

NextGen focuses on Children, Youth, and Young Adults with weekly Sunday Service, Youth Group, Kids Club, and more!

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English Ministry

Weekly Sunday Service, Prayer Meeting, Cell Group, and more! Serving Ottawa's English-speaking families and individuals.

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Pastor's Message

First of all, welcome to the OROLCC family!

Continuing in the vision of our mother church in Silicon Valley, we hope that through Worship & Praise, the Renewal of the Holy Spirit, Cell Groups, and Glocal Transformation, everyone who joins this family in Christ will receive the healing and renewal of the cross, and experience true change by the Holy Spirit. We believe that the water of the river of life will flow to all nations and all people through every disciple.

Through our website, we hope that you will not only find information about our ministries, but also resources to nourish your spiritual health and discover a life of discipleship. May God bless you!

Rev. Dr. Kevin Zhang